Projekt Beschreibung

Mandate period

2013 – 2014

Project description

LifeWatch V is a feature-packed healthcare smartphone for patients and health conscious consumers. At its core, the LifeWatch V is a pretty standard Android-based phone. However, what sets it apart is the presence of a plethora of medical sensors powering seven health tests, combined with wellness-related applications and cloud-based services. The tests include one-lead ECG, body temperature, blood glucose, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body fat percentage and stress levels as expressed by heart rate variability.

LifeWatch Patch represents the prototype of an adhesive bonding deposable device to patient’s chest. Because of six medical sensors attached to the patch three-lead ECG, body temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation can be frequently/continuously tested and transmitted to monitoring center for instance of a hospital replacing a conventional cardiological intermediate care unit.

Scope of our work

  • LifeWatch V: We used our personal medical network to verify the marketability in Europe of this medical device previously solely used in the US.
  • LifeWatch Patch: We made a contact to 4 large University Hospitals for the use of LifeWatch Patches in a first test phase.