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  • Analysis of the number of patients based on WHO cancer registry data.

  • Specification of the overall center concept, such as:

    • Design of a workflow concept.
    • Layout of diagnostic department and required equipment.
    • Outpatients and inpatients requirements.
  • Layout of particle treatment facility:

    • Chemotherapy.
    • Brachytherapy.
    • Linear accelerator.
    • Therapeutic nuclear medicine.
  • Definition of technical specifications:

    • Design of particle accelerator.
    • Design of beam application.
    • Therapeutic and diagnostic equipment for in-room verification.
    • Concept of integrated IT Solutions.
    • Planning system requirements.
    • Quality assurance requirements.
  • Definition of essential requirements for operating a particle therapy facility:

    • Equipment specific staff qualifications.
    • Marketing concept.
    • Patient referral concept.

ParTCoN offers project management service for healthcare projects. But also for technically oriented projects. We do planning, executing, controlling until project completion. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints.

We will meet the expectations of the stakeholders.

  • Issue of an independent second opinion related to a patient’s disease and given therapeutic suggestion.

  • Referral of cancer patients to specialized European centers for particle therapy and other medical centers.

  • Placement of a modular medical checkup, specially tailored to a customer’s given situation and symptoms.

The introduction of a project platform for construction projects – thinkproject! – can be a complex process. From the idea to the implementation, different expertise is needed, especially in the creation of the concept. ParTCoN supports independent of thinkproject! with the definition of content (structures and processes) and organizational framework conditions as an implementation partner.

In addition, ParTCoN participates in the implementation of the configuration according to the concept and conducts training courses for participants