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The “Berlin-Brandenburg International Cancer Center” will be the newest modern center of applied cancer therapies in Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany. BBICC will combine particle therapy, cell therapy and medical wellness /rehabilitation in cancer treatment, enabling the latest developments and new chances in medicine. [...]



ElMindA’s BNA™ technology is based on non-invasive recordings of multi-channel EEG event-related potentials (ERPs), and a comprehensive multi-dimensional analysis of such recordings by advanced algorithms, aimed at understanding and visualizing the network complexity (or Brain Networks Activation patterns) [...]



Establishment of a “Patient Referral System” for cancer patients from South Korea to Western Europe, with key emphasis on Germany. Medical pre-screening’s to establish suitability for treatment with a particle therapy system or other available treatment options in Germany. Verification with [...]



LifeWatch V is a feature-packed healthcare smartphone for patients and health conscious consumers. At its core, the LifeWatch V is a pretty standard Android-based phone. However, what sets it apart is the presence of a plethora of medical sensors powering seven health tests, combined with [...]