Kliniken des Main-Taunus-Kreises, Hofheim a.Ts.

    Kliniken des Main-Taunus-Kreises, Hofheim 2017-01-28T06:37:22+00:00

    Project Description

    Mandate period

    2015 – 2017

    Project description

    On behalf of the Clinics of the Main- Taunus-District, VAMED built a complete new hospital in Hofheim a.Ts. until winter 2016/2017. It was developed in two construction phases at the same location and replaced the partially derived buildings from 1905. The department of pneumology and internal medicine, geriatric clinic, medical sleep center and psychiatric hospital moved into the approximately 10,500 square-foot building from other buildings. Further the stroke unit, chest pain unit with the attached cardiac catheterization laboratory, internal medicine clinic, medical assistance center Hofheim and radiology received new locations. The hospital accommodate 173 beds for inpatients and twelve day clinic (outpatient) beds.

    Scope of our work

    • Supporting the project management with contractual interpretation and claim management.
    • Troubleshooting and crisis management especially in context with clinical and technical IT subsystems.
    • Management of subprojects and interface management.
      • Verification of the primary energy consumption during the operating phase.
      • Data capture for the import of a Computer Aided Facility Management System (CAFM System).
      • Implementation of requirements for the fire safety plan.
      • Management of the regulatory acceptance of the building regulations such as and regulatory acceptance for the start of operations of the hospital.
      • Setup a building efficiency monitoring as a project manager with a sub-contractor.