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    Project Description

    Mandate period

    2015 – 2017

    Project description

    The “Berlin-Brandenburg International Cancer Center” will be the newest modern center of applied cancer therapies in Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany. BBICC will combine particle therapy, cell therapy and medical wellness/rehabilitation in cancer treatment and will enabling the latest developments and new chances in medicine. BBICC will combine proton and carbon ion irradiation. As a result patients will receive the most precise and powerful but simultaneously most gentle therapeutic treatment for locally restricted tumors.


    Scope of our work

    ParTCoN is in cooperation with other partners involved in the project development. We are among other things responsible for following items:

    • Search for a radiation therapist or radio-oncological practice, which will be able to medically operate the particle therapy department.
    • Search for a qualified medical operator for immunotherapy department.
    • Execute workshop with possibly medical operators to determine the technical specification, based on the expected cases.
    • Technical design definition, such as availibility of protons and/or carbon ions.
    • Check for availability on the world market, primarily in Japan. We want to avoid a prototype facility due to a higher risk for fincancing partners.
    • Coordination of HOAI planning phase 1 and 2.