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„Radioonkologie KHR SZO“

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    Project Description

    Mandate period

    2015 – 2016

    Project description

    Within the context of a Public Private Partnership Model (“PPP-Modell”) an interim building with two linear accelerators, including accelerator bunkers, shall be built at the location of Hietzing Hospital (KHR). In addition, a CT simulator together with all necessary auxiliary rooms and equipment, as well as a functional  radio-oncology department.
    In addition, a solid construction with four acceleration bunker and accelerators shall be built at the location of the “Sozialmedizinischen Zentrums Ost – Donauspital (SZO)”. The department will be completed with two CT simulators, brachytherapy operating room and X-ray therapy, including the necessary supplementary units, an outpatient clinic with all necessary rooms for patients and staff.
    The private partner receives a contract for planning, construction, financing and 25 years of operation.
    On behalf of the financing banks, a technical due diligence should be performed.

    Scope of our work

    Together with the technical consultant Turner & Townsend, ParTCoN investigated all medical-technical issues, such as:

    • Plausibility check of the time schedule, the scheduled process time and the buffer timing, as well as commenting of the constructional time schedule, with a main focus on the contractually agreed completion date, taking into account the specifications of the tender. Highlighting the critical path from a timing point of view.
    • Plausibility check and annotation of the tendered planning and construction costs (also in terms of their appropriateness in comparison to similar projects) taking into account the requirements of the tender and the established payment schedule. Commenting on how buffers have been integrated into the time schedule and the budget.
    • Commenting on the acceptance and handover process for medical technology.
    • Verification of the qualifications of the general contractor, the medical device manufacturer and the other partners in terms of their technical tasks in the project on the basis of references and the overall impression of each company.
    • In the event of replacing the general contractor or the medical device manufacturer: estimation of the necessary time to appointment a replacement as well as the cost and schedule implications on the basis of the proposed limits of liability under the future general contractor (e.g. based on the current market situation). Commenting on the compatibility of the additional time required and the requirements of the PPP contract or direct contract.
    • Identification of possible replacement companies (amount, experience, market size, etc.) particularly with regard to medical technology.