Patient Management

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An essential prerequisite for the success of a particle therapy project is the availability of patients. Therefore ParTCoN investigated the question how patients choose a treatment facility and what issues are influencing this decision.
As a result ParTCoN concludes that for an optimal treatment every patient must have an independent second medical opinion.

Spirit and purpose of a second opinion

A second opinion represents a new and independent personal review of a patient’s all symptoms, history and so far performed diagnostic procedures and findings by a medical expert and specialist. This review is then completed either by a confirmation of this already made treatment proposal, an alternative treatment suggestion or by recommendation of further diagnostic procedures. A second opinion can be mandatory especially in cases of severe illness. It should be consequently used for patients suffering from cancer diseases because it can confirm and explain a required therapeutic procedure. Furthermore it is reducing simultaneously existing uncertainness and anxieties to an individual patient. Two different and independent reviews of all findings may minimize the chance of false diagnosis or suboptimal treatment procedures.

In conclusion it is obvious to provide treatment for foreign patients in Germany. Since 2015 ParTCoN worked on the field of this Patient Management, especially for cancer patients from China.

Our services

  • Issue of an independent second opinion related to a patient’s disease and given therapeutic suggestion.

  • Referral of cancer patients to specialized European centers for particle therapy and other medical centers.

  • Placement of a modular medical checkup, specially tailored to a customer’s given situation and symptoms.