About us

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Since 2005, Bernd Kremer and Ralf Kampf of ParTCoN GmbH (Particle Technology Competence Network) worked together. The knowledge and experience of the two partners (medicine and medical physics) complement each other excellently.

In 2005, Bernd Kremer and Ralf Kampf started together the NRoCK Project (North European Center for Radio-Oncology in Kiel). During this project they received worldwide recognition due to an outstanding concept of NRoCK. It wasn’t only developed and build as a stand-alone proton and heavy ion treatment facility, but as a holistic radiotherapy clinic with additional components such as accelerators, brachytherapy, chemotherapy, CT, MRI, PET-CT and cyclotron for isotope production at the highest degree.

Over the years highly specialized knowledge has been acquired additionally and a network with specialists from different fields was established. If necessary this network is used to strengthen the ParTCoN Core Team as needed.

After the end of the NRoCK project Bernd Kremer and Ralf Kampf agreed to actively support the expansion of particle therapy. Consequently ParTCoN GmbH was established as a platform to do so. ParTCoN was founded in 2012 in Kiel, Germany, at the place where the NRoCK project had its origin.

The place to be

Since 2015 a permanent branch has been opened in Berlin, because this is a perfect location for numerous reasons. The Berlin-Brandenburg region is internationally one of the leading centers for life sciences and healthcare. It consists of a unique combination of science, clinics and economy. The numerous technology parks and networks from various fields, first of all in biotechnology and medical technology, provide an excellent infrastructure for the transfer of the latest scientific findings in innovative products in the healthcare industry.

In addition the particle therapy project BBICC (Berlin-Brandenburg International Cancer Center) is under development with ParTCoN as a partner. It is planned to be realized in the Berlin-Brandenburg area.

Therefore ParTCoN GmbH provides its expertise and network as consulting service to its customers. The services cover a broad spectrum and complex projects are being actively managed, whilst particle therapy remains the core competence.